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For all press requests or media enquiries please contact Helena Flack, helena[at]


Volunteer applications are now closed. For any volunteer-related inquiry, feel free to reach out to volunteers[at]!

Initiative led by Franzi Heintel and Raul Romanutti


Mentor applications are now closed.

Mentorship taskforce organized by Phil “Liam” Stehlik, Elias Haase, and Caspar Schwarz “the shiller” Schilling.


Judges applications are now closed.

Please bear in mind, that unless you are a speaker or hacker, we cannot provide free conference tickets, - you will however have full access to everything held at the Factory venue, and of course delicious food and awesome swag (hackathon), please get in touch if you have any comments

The judging process is designed and executed by Chris Heymann, Lasse Claussen, and Mareen Gläske


We expect all volunteers, mentors and judges to accept and adhere to our Code of Conduct.