ETHBerlinZwei sticks to the premise of no pay to play.
All speakers will have equal chances to participate in our conference tracks within dAppcon Berlin (August 21st to 23rd - last day being for ETHBerlin).
Everyone can apply, but we highly encourage hackers to do so, as some of you have been touring long enough and have solid things to share with the community.


  • No more than two applications per person
  • No project pitches
  • Find topics that can be useful for the ecosystem, not only your project!
  • Applications are only for panels or talks, if applying as a panel, please name ALL the people involved.
  • Feel free to get a bit crazy and off-topic, we love originality.

Last but not least: if you sent us a product/project pitch, that means that you skipped reading the rules right above.
You had ONE job. We are not taking these applications into consideration.
If you still don’t think that it’s fair we rejected your product pitch, considering we did tell you two times about our rules, please email us at noreply@ethberlin.com

Apply to speak here

Deadline: May 15th

Applications will be confirmed in June - please do not send applications to our e-mail.
We will inform you upon approval - no need to check in to remind us!

Curation team led by exiledsurfer & Helena Flack.

We expect all speakers to accept and adhere to our Code of Conduct.